Garfield Originals

Format 24 x 2'30" in digital 2D
Target 7+
Genre Comedy
Pitch Garfield is a lazy, self-centred and greedy fatty tabby who just loves to torment everyone around him! Eating and sleeping are his two favourite activities, but he also enjoys pestering his human, Jon, and his dog Odie – whenever he's not chasing after spiders, his personal pet hates.

Garfield is back with a new look and brand new adventures that will delight both old and new fans!

We won't be spared anything - especially not the most ferocious aspects of his personality - for better or for worse, but definitely a good laugh!
Director Philippe Vidal
Producers Dargaud Media
Coproducers Dargaud - Pictanovo
Partners France Télévisions
Copyright Based upon the characters created by Jim Davis "GARFIELD ORIGINALS" © 2018 DARGAUD MEDIA / DARGAUD © Paws. All Rights Reserved
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