Kid Lucky

Format 52 x 12' in digital 2D
Target 6+
Genre Comedy
Status Completed
Pitch Have you ever dreamed of taming a wild horse?  Tracking a grizzly?  Making Main Street, Nothing Gulch your playground?  Challenging Billy Bad to a slingshot competition? Join Kid Lucky and his friends for fun and adventures in the Far West!  

Every day brings new excitement for Kid Lucky.  Kid is an ace with his slingshot!  Kid and his friends keep themselves plenty busy exploring their corner of the West (namely their town Nothing Gulch).

Between daily chores, school and brushing his teeth, it's not easy for Kid to find the time to live the way he thinks a cowboy should! But Kid and his friends manage to find clever ways around their obligations and out of tricky situations!
Director Olivier Brugnoli
Producers Dargaud Media
Coproducteurs Belvision - Ellipsanime Productions
Partners M6 - RAI - Région Rhônes Alpes - Département Haute Savoie - CNC
Distributor Mediatoon Distribution
Copyright "LUCKY LUKE" Based upon the original work by MORRIS and the comic books "LES AVENTURES DE KID LUCKY" by ACHDÉ published by LUCKY COMICS as a tribute to MORRIS ET GOSCINNY © 2019 DARGAUD MEDIA / BELVISION / ELLIPSANIME PRODUCTIONS
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